Monthly Archive: May, 2010

7 Easy Steps To Setting Up a Facebook Fan Page

I get asked on a regular basis how to setup a Facebook Fan page.  So I have created a simple 7 Step guide to getting your brand the presence it needs when it… Continue reading

Is Redfin Dominating the Real Estate Blogoshpere?

Every so often, I like to check out the Top 100 (or so) ranking Real Estate blogs on Tecnorati. Yesterday I noticed an interesting detail that had never stood out before…Redfin has multiple blogs that appear on the list! You may not be able to until you click through, but they are there and what that tells me is just how much influence they have on the general consumer.

Saturday Morning Coffee….What Day Is It?

Okay, I screwed up.  Obviously today is not Saturday, but days do tend to run into each other at times.  This is a good problem to be having if you are a business… Continue reading

Online Videos For Your Real Estate Website Or Blog

by Peyman Aleagha Not just the Internet, but also mobile technology is moving rapidly.  Videos are becoming very popular on cell phones as well.  The iPhone is changing the way that the cell phone… Continue reading

Inner Directed Marketing—A New Way To Prosper In Tough Times

by Joe Vitale Yes, that’s really what he said. I thought he was pretty strange, too, so I didn’t pursue the matter with him. But I did notice that he seemed busy and prosperous.… Continue reading