The Importance of Bob and His Connection To Real Estate

I was reading Marc Davidson’s Real Estate’s Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy this morning and  actually had to read it twice before I realized how true his words were.  As he talks about the perception of  ‘a real estate professional’ and “their necessity of life” I made the connection between an agent and a professional.  One starts out as a gung ho, real estate salesperson and transitions into the role of the consummate professional.  This happens when we stop selling and start listening to the clients needs.  As Marc mentioned, the typical home buyer already knows they wish to purchase a home.  They are coming to you, the professional, to have you help them meet their specific needs.

Granted, when starting out in real estate you need to act the part of the salesperson, as this is how you become intimate with the local markets, regulations and your farm area.  Once you have some time under your belt (which I would say is about 2 years of full-time experience), then you need to switch your focus to the true needs of the buyer or seller.  Since we are all individuals, it is imperative that we are treated as unique individuals.  Let your experience of the past couple of years give you the confidence in the market that is expected of  our professionals.  To ooze confidence in your market knowledge and regulatory expertise, let’s the potential client know that you won’t be spending your time asking basic questions (of mentors) and doing market research.  It will automatically become assumed that your focus is their unique needs.