Marketing Strategy, REALTORS and Beyond

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

by the Platinum Insider

It’s a new year and things tend to be a bit slow in the real estate industry.  That is why it is the perfect time for REALTORS to take a close look at their marketingstrategy and it’s components.

What worked for you in the past year?  Where did you fall short?  Are you keeping up with the latest marketing trends and expectations?  These are all questions that you should be asking yourself.  Experts suggest that you make changes to your marketing components every quarter.  This is mainly to keep the eye balls focused on you and your products and to keep them coming back.

Let’s focus on your online presence for a moment.  Technology and trends tend to fly at us at an unbelievable rate.  For most it is near impossible to keep up with it all.  But you can take one or two ideas and integrate them into your online sphere.  When you couple that with a simple color change to your website or similar freshening up, you keep them interested.  Why do we want to keep them coming back if they have already decided not to buy?  Because it takes 6 impressions for a consumer to make a conscience decision.

Now, once you have made your 6 impressions, you must engage them at the highest level possible.  Make them itch to contact you.  This is where dynamic calls to action and imagery come into play (it may be such an outrageous image that they are intrigued to go further.)

Don’t give them the choice to NOT contact you.  Once you have the call to action in place, give them multiple ways to contact you ie:FacebookTwitter, Email, phone, Skype etc.   Just remember that how ever they choose to contact you is the method you will use going forward unless they ask for a contact method change.  We are playing at their level at this point.

Back to the integration of new components to your online marketing mix.  Some great ways are to add your listings to new online portals (Platinum Luxury Listings), buy advertising space on Facebook (which does work as Ardynn PR ran a test ad with AMEX and received over 284k highly targeted unique, impressions in 3 weeks) or join other social networks.  These are just a few of the hundreds of ways that REALTORS can increase the exposure for themselves and their listings.  Just don’t be afraid to jump in and do it.  With the exception of the new social media outlets (as they need constant maintenance), most take small amounts of time to get into place.

With your online presence solidified, you want to take the same steps and look at traditional marketing mediums.  How current is your press kit?  What do your flyers look like?  When did you last take a head shot? Are your billboards, yard signs and other outdoor mediums current and on track? I know that this sounds like a lot of work, but it is essential to the health of your brand and company.