New Jersey Marketing Consultant Focuses on Property Lead Generation

Cranford, NJ, April 27, 2011 –(– Veteran NJ Marketing and Lead Generation Consultant, Chris Consorte, announced this week that his firm Integrated Direct will focus entirely on Property Lead Generation for the remainder of 2011.

Chief Marketing Consultant, Chris Consorte said, “We’ve been generating Property Leads, or Real Estate Investor Leads, for quite some time now. However, Real Estate Lead Generation wasn’t our primary focus – until now.”

With real estate investment still at an all-time low, focusing entirely on generating property leads would appear to be risky to most. Consorte went on to say, “There’s plenty of money on the sidelines right now. Our clients, real estate investors and real estate agents and brokers, need quality real estate leads to grow their business. Now’s the time for growth – and we see growth in real estate investor lead generation.”

Typical real estate investor clients continually struggle to find quality seller lead sources and data. Consorte continued, “We’re generating over 10,000 property seller leads monthly – just in the state of New Jersey. This represents a huge opportunity for real estate investors and brokers looking for high quality leads to mail, call or email to build their pipeline. With minimum orders of just $300 – clients need just one deal to make their investment worth while.”

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