Compromise and Internal Praise Enters The Ardynn Project on Day 22

I apologize for the late delay in getting today’s post out.  As we started the 22nd day of The Ardynn Project the first few hours were spent in a meeting with my business partner, Walter D. Arzon, covering the projects taht have been added to the WhiteBoard here at Ardynn Media Group.

The Ardynn Project – what the initial thought was and where do we want to take it.

Children’s eBook Series – planning on the distribution methods, pricing (we have decided to only give away so many copies and charge for the rest), creation of the coloring book and Interactive Video versions.  We also discussed the time frame for starting the second book.

The LIME Magazine – future article series that focuses on sales.

Working with different personalities is key to creating a strong brand identity.  There was a lot of compromise coming out of our meeting this morning, but I also saw some great praise for how things are going overall and the future of the Ardynn Media Group as a whole will benefit from the fact that we do have very different personalities and ideas.  Combined, they tend to lock things in place once the end compromise is met.

Walter, also known as Danny to close friends and family, is the Director of of Sales for the Ardynn Media Group and alerted me that his day was booked with a surge of orders placed through our “Your Publicist” product for PR distribution.  Today we hit a new high for Real Estate Professionals wishing to have us distribute their press releases to the general public in their target markets.  A few of them are looking for national exposure because of their RELO target audiences.  We are exciting due to the fact that for only $249 per release (that has the potential to be distributed to the top 15,000 media outlets in the country) the number of orders placed overnight for today’s distribution is giving us a huge bump in revenue.

Also on the table for our team today, is that I will be starting a series of articles, powerpoints and videos that is all about Google+ and how REALTORS can use it to increase their brand presence AND use it for LEAD GENERATION. 

To start the project, I have asked the following question on LinkedIn that should give us some good, GENERAL INSIGHT into how it is being used in business.

With Google+ being out for a few months, are you finding it useful for increasing brand awareness?

With Google+ being out for a few months, are you finding it useful for increasing brand awareness?

I am preparing to start a 5 article series on Google+ and address the following sub-topics and your reply to the branding capabilities of Google+ would be helpful.

What Is Google+
How do I use it for my business?
What are the benefits to using another social outlet?
How do I integrate into my daily routine?  Why should I?
Unique uses and Ideas surrounding Google+

note:  all respones willbe used in their entirety and will be sourced back to each respondent.

This morning also saw the addition of the latest Nielsen Report  on Advertising Trends and Their Effectiveness being up loaded to the website.  Check it for your self and I will see you tomorrow.

Michael D. Harris Jr