Passion, Simplicity and “Good News In Real Estate” Impact The Ardynn Project

Long have I wondered where the passion for our industry had gone.  Yes we have seen agents defy the economy and build businesses that grew to staggering heights.  We have also heard more sob stories and seen over 100,000 REALTORS change course and try their hand at new careers in the past 3 years.

Before I go any further I want to interject how faith and conviction can conquer anything.  As I write this post I am watching American Idol and the last contestant in Houston is a young man who was born with no ears.  Until the age of 4 he was told that he would never hear or speak and just not physically well.  After enduring  countless surgeries, never giving up and going for his dream he sang Amazing Grace so beautifully that it brought tears to my eyes.  Needlessly to say, he is being sent to Hollywood and the Final Rounds of American Idol 2012.

Yesterday I reached out to Mark Cumberland of Keller Williams Philadelphia for a potential interview for this magazine.  The reason behind this was that he currently has a weekly radio show called “Good News In Real Estate” that airs each saturday morning in the Metro Philly market.  Talk about creative brand strategy!  Well, as the 74th day of The Ardynn Project got under way today, Mark returned my call and after speaking for almost an hour had me convinced that a single interview would not be enough for what he has to offer his peer group and our readership.

So a new article series has taken shape and over the next couple of days, with our entire team collaborating, details will be mapped out and Simplistic Inspiration Shall Be Delivered to the real estate industry.

 Today was also the unveiling of the narrated version of Bruno’s Buzzing Adventure and the Coloring Book version giving the Ardynn Publishing Group it’s first eBook Package that is ready for sale.  I know that over the past few weeks you have heard quite a bit about the struggle, tribulations and excitment surrounding our first Children’s Book and I personally appreciate the industry and consumer audience’s patience.  Being the anal perfectionist that you have all come to love has led our team to a product package that is of the highest quality.  Here is a sneak peek at the narrated version, of course it is the first go round and the sale version has been perfected as far as the page transition and timing……and a sampling from the coloring book.


Now that all 3 components of Bruno’s Buzzing Adventure are ready to launch, the press has been alerted, interviews have started to be set and a new store front is being tested.  And I am not the only one with a book that is finally ready for the masses. 

Congratulations goes out to Dana Hall-Bradley and her recent release via Amazon entitled “Works Hard, Plays Harder”.  I feel honored to have been a part of Dana’s life as she is the one that inspired and pushed me to take my writing skills to the next level.  When she asked me to review the book, I had to reread it a few times because she not only tells it like it is to be a self-starter, but brings a sense of humor to an industry at a time when levity is still needed.

I spoke with Dana for a while today and discussed the challenge she is currently facing of being a top REALTOR in the Orlando markets combined with the roles of mother and new author.  Like many industry professionals across the country, she loves to coach and share her successes with her peers in order to help facilitate a stronger housing market recovery.  Yes, she stands to profit hugely from her first book, but the fact that she is thinking outside the box and is creating a stand alone website that will feature new chapters as the times change for anyone to follow.  So that initial $24.95 investment will provide the reader with ever evolving scenerios to help them build successful businesses.

Well, that is enough for The Ardynn Project today as I have a number of press releases to get posted here as well. 

Until the next time, this is Michael Harris-Arzon signing off.