Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Rankings Of A Media Titan Takes On: Broken Relationships

By Michael Harris-Arzon I am going to break one of my own cardinal rules by mixing my religious faith with business. So here goes and if you do not agree with the following… Continue reading

Dana Hall-Bradley’ Champions 5th Annual Diamonds, Denim and Dice to Benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities

Of the many charitable organizations Dana Hall-Bradley supports, The Ronald McDonald House Charities holds the softest spot in Dana Hall-Bradley’s heart. Dana’s niece, Tara Matthews, spent months, at various times of her young… Continue reading

Reduced Log Export Tariffs in Russia Unlikely to Boost the Country’s Log Export Volumes Back Up to Historic Levels

Export tariffs on logs shipped from Russia, the world’s largest log supplier, are set to be reduced as the country becomes a member of the WTO. The proposed new lower tariffs are not… Continue reading

Real Estate Buyers Flock to Naples, Florida in Record Numbers

Real estate buyers are out to buy in record numbers in Naples, FL. “We are seeing many homes sell, for at or close to full price,” according to Mark Weber, Broker of White… Continue reading

HuLeTS Launches Lets Speak Out- Get Deserved Attention

uLeTS (Human Leap Through Software) launches Lets Speak Out – a free social networking app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A chance for each and every one to get the word out and speak up about what they think. Your news and facts now gets the deserved attention it requires. No ugly advertisements to deal with, it is words that should have mattered and this is exactly what users get from Lets Speak Out.