Triumph, eBook Signings and The Ardynn Project

Honestly, I have lost track of what day this is for the Ardynn Project.  Somewhere in the 70’s I believe.  But since the point is to bring business transparency to an industry that is known for having the public view and then the insider view, we will just eliminate the counting going forward.

The first order of business is to let everyone know that yes I have intended for everyone to see, track and learn how we build our various brand websites.  But unfortunately I decided to change the theme and basic functionality for and didn’t have time to put together a blow-by-blow account of the steps taken.  So I apologize, but with a Tuesday morning deadline for the launch of the new look, sale of Bruno’s Buzzing Adventure and the anticipation of having to hire an outside source for handling media inquiries that day, I can’t do it all and the rest of the team is busy with other projects.

Since Ardynn Publishing is moving from strictly magazines to eBook and traditional printed books,  I felt that the shelving look was appropriate for that division of Ardynn Media Group.  I also bit the bullet and purchased the theme and deviated from my own marketing strategy of using FREE PLATFORMS.  Realistically there will be times when it is just plain worth the money to save time and resources.

Yesterday also had me agreeing to officially bring on a developer full time to create a completely different publishing environment for the Ardynn Publishing Brand.  So I would like to welcome Christina Perez to the Ardynn Media Group Team as Lead Developer.

This week has been a whirl wind of activity as we start laying out the promotional tour of Bruno’s Buzzing Adventure.  Since it is an eBook the reading will be slightly different in that I am using an iPad and Large Screen Plasma to tell the story and when it is time for the signing we will be using a special App to eSign and Customize each copy to the child.  We then will immediately email the signed eBook, Coloring Book and narrated video to the parent or guardian of the child.

I knew in my head that since eBooks and digital reading has soared further than anyone ever imagined that it was only a matter of time before authors started eSigning and I spoke to Aaron Biebert at Attention Era Media about the idea nad whether he had heard of authors doing this.  Aaron’s response was how intriguing the idea was and one the verge of genius.  A few other trusted individuals and partners were asked and they all had the same response once they understood how easy and possible it was.

So I called the Midtown Scholar Book Store here in Harrisburg (they are the largest and most reputable in the area) and spoke with Liz Lariby about having a reading and eSigning and she loved the idea.  So she is working on fitting us in to the schedule of events (which is quite large for a bookstore) and I know that it will be on a Saturday morning at 10 AM in the next few weeks.  And even though I know the have a tremendous database and customer following, I contacts the Ben Franklin Grade School down the street from them and they have agreed to send a flier/announcement home with each of 350 kids in grades K-2.  We will also send out a media alert that morning and am betting on a packed house!

While the promotions, press and media releases have been starting at an amazing pace, I also started work on bulking up the consumer content for The LIME Magazine in the form of a new series addressing Green Real Estate Investing.  Here is the conversation that has taken place via email.

Hey Michael,

I am excited to be working on this with you. Thanks for reaching out to me through twitter.This is actually really good timing as we are teaming up with some major players in the real estate industry to make Greenhabbing a household name (info product is on the way too). I will get together with my CEO and discuss this more on how we can approach this and make it a win/win for all of us.  Let me know around about time table for when you would like to get started on this and we’ll put our plan in place.

We have audios/videos, etc. where we educate at the investor level (meaning we keep it simple and focus on increased profits for their real estate investing business).Let’s chat sometime this week by phone or Skype if possible and we can wrap our heads around all these ideas and move forward.Thanks again Michael – have a great night!

Matt Stookey |  Director of Marketing
Mobile | 814-590-2772
Fax | 1-888-286-1320

Buy Homes In Detroit
Greenhabbing 101

Let’s Connect:

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 6:46 PM, Michael D. Harris Jr <> wrote:


I was so excited to see your response today about working together on a GREEN series. Part of Ardynn Publishing’s 2012 Consumer Initiative is to bring a higher level of consumer targeted content to, giving us a more rounded appeal.  For almost five years we have targeted industry professionals and provided consumer oriented information quite sporadically (with the exception of our monthly 1 Minute Housing Market Report).

Since you are the Green Investment Expert and have a nice sense of relating information to readers, I thought we could start with a series of 5 articles that cover Green Investing in such a way that the reader becomes eager to Go GREEN.  By talking to them in simplistic terms and show the reader that the average person instinctively wants to go this route but until now, no one ever talked to them as people….not another investor.

Freshly Cut:  Real Estate Investing Comes In Every Shade Of Green is the title idea.

I also thought that at the end of the series we would convert to an eBook / Audio book for inclusion in the new Ardynn Library.

Our team will create an entire promo campaign around the series, tower and block ads to mimic the eBook Cover and if at the end of the series all parties wish to continue then will build a dedicated page for future articles and projects.

These are just a few ideas from the top of my head and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.  I am available to speak at anytime and work til wee hours.


Michael D Harris-Arzon
President / Publisher
Ardynn PR and Ardynn Publishing
717-592-0106 @ArdynnPR

The daylight hours are waning and I need to make some calls and get back to work.  As always, business transparency is a vital project that all professionals should aspire to contribute and learn from.  Until the next time, this is Michael Harris-Arzon signing off.