Ardynn Media Group Agrees with Technorati on TOP 100 Real Estate Blogs

I am constantly amazed at what is considered a valuable news source for the real estate industry. Long gone are the days of traditional TV and Magazine Media Outlets. Now Bloggers, Traditional Websites, Facebook Pages, Twitter Profiles and MORE MAKE THE LIST. Take a look at those that are ON TREND when it comes to pertinent real estate news.

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    Calculated Risk
    Recent: Employment: The “Not in Labor Force” actually declined in January
    Some readers sent me a link to some terrible analysis that argued over 1 million people left the labor …

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    Recent: The Owner Of The Home I’m Renting Wants To Sell it, What Are My Rights?
    Q: I have a one year lease, so I know they can’t kick us out until then. Are they allowed to show the house …

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    Phoenix Real Estate Guy
    Recent: On the “Value Add” of a Real Estate Agent
    As the kerfuffle over a San Diego real estate broker pulling their listings from syndication sites is about …

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    Realty Biz News
    Recent: New Law Allows California Landlords to Restrict Smoking
    The Smokefree Housing Law ( SB 332 ) went into effect in California on January 1, 2012, giving multifamily …

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    HSH Associates Financial News …
    Recent: Here’s what the jobs report means for mortgage rates
    In what was a surprise to market observers, the economy added 243,000 jobs in January, the most in nine …

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    GeekEstate Blog
    Recent: Geek Build 2012 — Building a Local Real Estate Website from Scratch
    Here at Geek Estate, we’re going to undertake a fun iniative in 2012, which will be called “ Geek Build …

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    Recent: Anna Kournikova sells her Miami Beach Home
    You may remember us telling you back in May of last year, that Anna Kournikova’s Sunset Island home was …

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    Liberty Street Economics blog
    Recent: Historical Echoes: When Pigskins Fly – the Super Bowl and Other “Predictors”
    Mary Tao, New York Fed Research Library More than three decades ago, Robert Stovall, a money manager, …

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    Mortgage Rates -…
    Recent: Jumbo Mortgage Guidelines Are A Sign of the Times
    Looking back approximately five years ago, mortgages and their respective guidelines were quite different. …

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    Global Real Estate & Investment …
    Recent: Is Murcia set to be a hotspot for Spanish property investment?
    Murcia looks set to be the next big destination in Spain and buyers may want to consider their investment …

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