Lions, Tigers and Bees Oh My! The Ardynn Project Launches Their Own Yellow Brick Way

This morning my nerves are completely shot.  I am waiting for a bevy of reviews to come in throughout the day as we have less than 22 hours before Bruno’s Buzzing Adventure goes on sale.  What I love about The Ardynn Project and this whole business transparency business is that I have untold numbers to share my frustrations, nervousness and tribulations with.  I honestly need to cut out the coffee today though, because the caffeine just adds to the anxiousness I am already feeling.

Even though we are all completely swamped with tomorrow’s launch I wanted to remind each of you that when you have an idea or become inspired, go with it and Just Ask.  The reason I bring this up, is that last week while planning the various promotional mediums and event strategies for Bruno’s Buzzing Adventure, I started contacting Book Stores to hold readings and eSignings at.  I also thought that I should look at untraditional places to hold them at and since it will be available in the iBook Store k, why not approach Apple about an event.  Now, I have absolutely no contacst at Apple, let alone a way to get through to the Event Coordinator for their flagship store on Fifth Evenue in Manhattan.

I simply went to and clicked through to the Retail Store Locater page for direct store contact information.I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to call or if I should be dealing with Apple, Inc.  But why not try the location direct and see what happens?  So I called the main number and asked ofr whom ever handles events and was transferred to the VM of Nicky Stanard.  I proceeded to leave a detailed message and with in 10 minutes Nicky was returning my call.a very nice discussion, he was intrigued enough about the idea of having a Children’s Book Reading and eSigning that he had me forward details and a copy of the eBook to him for review with his team.  Granted after waiting on pins and needles for a couple of days I did receive the following email.

Dear Michael,


Thank you for your interest in holding an event at the Apple Store, Fifth Avenue.  

After careful consideration, we kindly decline this opportunity as the request falls outside our current event marketing priorities.
We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. Best,


Nicky Stanard 
Event Coordinator 

Apple Store, Fifth Avenue767 Fifth AvenueNew York, NY 10153212.336.5826

Now, positive things happened from my Just Asking. First, the fact that they were intrigued enough to even discuss it at a team meeting showed me that I had a worth while product.  and the second, is that during the course of my call with Nicky Stanard, I realized that my ability to spot future trends is still right on spot!  Apple is working right now on developing a way for Authors and Publishers to have eSignings to promote their books.  To me it makes sense considering the massive transition from print to digital reading.
I received the email from Apple on the same day that iBooks released free copies of their Feature Book ” The Yellow Submarine”.   As an avid reader, when I saw the article in App News, I downloaded my free copy immediately.  What I discovered upon my inital glance is that it was not formatted like a typical eBook.  Nor was it in the fashion of Touchey Books’ Interactive products.  It was more inline with an InfoGraphic.  I have a feeling that is why Bruno will not be the guest of honor at an Apple Event.
So, even though we will move forward with our tradional eBook Series to help kids make the transition to their new home, school etc… we will be adding more interactivity, video and surprise components to Bruno’s Buzzing Adventrue and All future Ardynn Publishing products.
Enough for now, as my team and I need to test the new version of ArdynnPublishing, finiosh the website and pull real estate news to add to this magazine today.  And that is all before my industry consulting calls start this afternoon.
Michael Harris-Arzon