Mistakes That Google Made and More on the Ardynn Project


What a wonderful world we live in where business transparency actually provides a layer of protection for the average professional. The Ardynn Project started out as a way to teach REALTORS how to build a brand and the various tools, partnerships and struggles they can expect to experience. Now we are seeing it as a hallmark for how to work in an ethical manner as well. I have no problem owning up to my mistakes and sharing the information we do. While it may give a competitor a game plan of our strategy at times, it helps us avoid scandals like those in the news today.

Google and Apple are both under federal scrutiny because of the way they are obtaining, using and failing to protect our personal and private data. That simply doesn’t happen to companies following a model of business transparency.

Any way, back to business and what has been occurring here at the Ardynn Camp. We have completed the beta testing of the Shop @ Ardynn Media Group and are creating new pages and links across the Ardynn brands. Tomorrow will see an infusion of news announcements about Real Estate’s newest online shop.

Press Releases to Industry and General Public
Video News Announcement on YouTube
Facebook Page and Social Campaign
Twitter an LinkedIn mentions and pages
Listing in Craigslist and EVERY ONLINE DIRECTORY we can find
A scrolling banner in the window of our offices
Banner ads on various websites
and more…..

I am also finishing up an article on Storytelling as a sales tool for REALTORS and starting the newest Dana Hall-Bradley Project. We also start laying out our new Infographic product marketing strategy. The first in a new series of articles called The Simplistic Professional goes out tomorrow and I appreciate all of the Linkedin feedback and assistance we received.

So for now I have a ton of writing to do and will get back to you all tomorrow. Stay transparent, keep things simple and add more technology into your marketing mix and watch your real estate brand grow.