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The team here at Ardynn Publishing has switched to Blogsy for all of our blogging needs while on the go. Their recent updates have given us rich text email capability and more as we look for ways to engage clients and run every aspect of the business via the world of apps.

Centaur (Blogsy 3.3) is running wild in the App Store.

February 16th, 2012 | Posted by Sean in Blogsy | Bugs | Features | Improve | Update

We have just released Centaur (Blogsy 3.3) so as soon as Apple get it through there system (within 60 minutes) you can update.

So what is in Centaur?


  1. Email – Now you can create and send richly formatted emails. Why do we think this is cool? First, if your blogging platform is not supported by Blogsy and provides the ability to email-to-post then you can use Blogsy to create blog posts. Second, you can send richly formatted emails to friends and family. Finally, other internet services have features provided through email. For example you can send an email to Mail Chimp and it will send it to all your subscribers.
  2. IBM Connections support – Now bloggers that use IBM Connections can use Blogsy.
  3. YouTube double tap to open in browser. – Not sure if the YouTube video is the one you want to use? Just double tap on it and it will open in Blogsy’s built-in browser where you can watch the video or find out more information about it.
  4. Blogger page support – Now you can create and edit Blogger pages.
  5. YouTube private/unlisted videos. – Now Blogsy will show YouTube videos you have set to unlisted or private so you can drag and drop them into your posts.
  6. Remove Apple style span (unnecessary html code) – We now strip out the unnecessary HTML Apple adds.
  7. Changed b, i tag to strong, em tag. – iOS uses the b and i tags for bolding and italics. This is not the standard HTML so some blog themes have style settings for “strong” and “em” but not “b” and “i”. This would cause inconsistencies in post styling. Blogsy now converts “b” and “i” to “strong” and “em”.
  8. Javascript support – In previous version of Blogsy, if users had embedded some javascript snippet Blogsy could not handle it because it conflicted with Blogsy’s javascript. Blogsy will no longer strip out the javascript snippet. An example of a javascript snippet would be if you added a Twitter snippet to your post.
  9. Video settings memory – Blogsy now remembers the “iFrame” or “Old Embed” code setting you chose for your last video. So you won’t have to keep changing every video you drag into a blog post.
  10. Adding same blog with different user name on Blogger now possible – Now Blogger users can set up multiple authors for the same blog in Blogsy. This is now the same as WordPress and other platforms.
  11. URL text field on TypePad SignIn for self hosting – Now users with a self-hosted TypePad blog can use Blogsy.
  12. Refresh “Online” post list – Now every time you go to the “Online” listing Blogsy will update that listing. This means that if you have created a blog post from your admin panel it will be automatically viewable in Blogsy without forcing you to update the listing.
  13. Fetching Posterous drafts – Blogsy can now fetch Posterous drafts.
  14. Removed autocompletion for MovableType URL on SignIn – This enables users with a non-standard URL to set up their MovableType blog in Blogsy.
  15. Changed Posterous attachment area title on canvas – We changed the wording for the Posterous image box for clarity.
  16. Correction if user types in More tag. – If a user types in the “more” tag then Blogsy will correct this.

Bug fixes

  1. More tag bug – fixed
  2. Typing in image div tag problem – fixed
  3. Bookmark list not refreshing right after adding a bookmark through the menu – fixed
  4. Posterous image box disappearing when switching using button on the dock – fixed
  5. Images showing left aligned when dragging them in right aligned – fixed
  6. Flickr image dragged in from sets were auto-linked to the image instead of the image page – fixed
  7. Image spacing showing on right side instead of left side when images are right-aligned – fixed
  8. “Load More” button not showing sometimes when there are videos in image library – fixed
  9. Blogsy crashes if user does not have email set up on their iPad – fixed
  10. Link settings crash – fixed
  11. iFrame parsing crash for videos – fixed
  12. Crash after upload finished – fixed
  13. Other misc. bug fixes.

Check out our Centaur Update Video.

Blogsy 3.3.1

This is the list of bugs we have fixed in this update.

1) IBM Connections – Support multiple blogs.
Problem fixed – IBM Connections users couldn’t set up their blogs in Blogsy if their account had multiple blogs. This fix will set up all their blogs in Blogsy at once.

2) Blogger update account.
Problem fixed – If the user declined to set up their Blogger blogs again when Blogsy requested, and they only have Blogger blogs set up in Blogsy, then any post they have open will be lost if they close Blogsy.

3) TypePad Post Info.
Problem fixed – TypePad users were seeing the Posterous option when they tapped on the Post Info. menu. So they could not set a post as draft or select categories.

4) Justified and right-aligned text.
Problem fixed – If a user chose to justify or right-align their text Blogsy would strip out the HTML when publishing or flipping to the HTML side and back.

5) Dragging from device library crash
Problem fixed – If a user selected images to upload and the uploading finished then they tapped on another service in the dock and then back to the iPad photo library dock icon the panel would open showing the iPad Photo Library images but the uploading view would not show. In this situation, if the user tried to drag an image, thinking they were dragging it into a post, Blogsy would crash.

6) Blogger and WordPress selection crash
Problem fixed – If a user had both a Blogger blog and WordPress blog set up and tried to select the Blogger blog to post to Blogsy would crash.

Minor feature adjustments

1) WordPress – Now shows a specific error messages instead of a general one when accounts fails to set up.
2) Posterous – now lists all blogs on an account instead of just 30.
3) Translation – German, French and Chinese translation corrections.
4) Uploading error messages – now shows the specific error message the server is sending back to Blogsy.