Blockbusters: $195M SoCal Compound is the Nation’s Most Expensive Listing

“The cost of today’s luxury real estate is the leading cause of unattainable home ownership for the average American Family. Jobs may be on the rise but every other aspect of the American Economy is on the decline.

For example, with 45 states converting to the new Common Core Standards for our children’s education, families are having to pay for tutors when until last year parents were able to help their own kids with the learning process. At a few $100s a month that eats into an already depleted household budget. And Analysts seem amazed that Millennials are choosing to rent instead of buying.” Michael Harris Arzon, President Ardynn Media Group

Blockbusters: $195M SoCal Compound is the Nation’s Most Expensive Listing

Beverly Hills’ Palazzo di Amore, a 25-acre compound and long-haul project of real estate investor Jeff Greene, is officially on the market for $195M, … Read more

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Michael Harris-Arzon
President, Ardynn Media Group

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