Agent’s kidnapping and murder hasn’t sparked uniform industry safety standards

American’s now live in an age where car doors are unlocked from a distance, front doors at home are triple locked and technology has made us more fearful….. instead of feeling safer. The fact that extensive safety courses are being designed and offered to REALTORS across the country makes being a Real Estate Sales Professional one of those careers that parents hope their kids will not even consider.

Recent events may be to blame for these feelings, but the creation of core safety standards (if ever adopted by the National Association of REALTORS) will only cause American consumers to view REALTORS as another arm of Big Brother. With yet more of our civil liberties being violated and the further diminishment of an individual’s privacy, the message being sent by actions such as background checks to view a home or a potential homebuyers photo being taken and shared with an administrator in some unknown office says “All Americans are deemed of questionable morals and values until a crime isn’t committed. Then they can be trusted.”

Agent’s kidnapping and murder hasn’t sparked uniform industry safety standards

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Michael Harris-Arzon
President, Ardynn Media Group

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