Bad Publicity Has Killed Bill Cosby

“The old adage that ALL PR IS GOOD PR is certainly proving to not be the case with Bill Cosby these days. With allegations of sexual misconduct spanning a 30 year time span still swarming the Cosby Camp, it looks to be another Paula Dean catastrophe…..publicity killing a celebrities career.

Besides the canceling of show dates, the latest ill affect is the forced resignation from the Board of Directors for the famed Temple University. Which I am honestly surprised has taken this long to become a reality. Such an honored institution can not afford to have an air of distrust surround their hollowed halls.” Michael Harris – Arzon, Editor-In-Chief, The LIME Magazine

There is a lesson here for all brand managers. That no matter how large and insulated your brand may be, the associations we keep can have a negative impact with such a high casualty rate that there is no coming back from it.

Bill Cosby Resigns From Board of Trustees at Temple University