TheTake App Identifies the Movie You’re Watching and Lets You Buy What You See

“Recently I was commenting about the stall that seemed to have occurred with App Technology. That while new physical devices still emerge daily that utilize App Technology, the platform itself has seemed to reach a crescendo….certain number of game types, eBook platforms all mimic each other and even business Apps are not showing anything new and exciting.

But maybe I was wrong and it simply takes looking further outside the box or along the lines of the curve for a truly original piece to come along. Being able to purchase what I see being used in a movie is very exciting. It really isn’t like Shazam at all since it and similar Apps go by sound. This new App relies on Google’s ability to perform a visual search.

I almost always see something in new movies that I love and would like to learn more about or purchase. This App will allow me to do just that”. Michael Harris – Arzon, the Simplistic Professional

This App Identifies the Movie You’re Watching and Lets You Buy What You See

TheTake uses Shazam-like technology to automatically listen to your movie, then shows you products within the scene you’re watching and makes them ava… Read more