Tributes, protests mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tributes, protests mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By Laila Kearney and Sebastien Malo NEW YORK Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:12pm EST 1 of 12. T-shirts with the image of Martin Luther King and with the words ‘… Read more

“As a father, there are those rare moments in time that our children act as the adults and educate us not only on what it means to be human, but the appropriate timeliness of said acts.

When discussing the importance of today’s holiday, Martin Luther King Day, as it relates to the rest of the world and the reasoning behind there being no school today…..I received such an innocent look of befuddlement, mixed with one of astonishment at my having grown a GIANT, UGLY, PURPLE HEAD poised to spit fire.

‘Why should this day be so special? We have always treated another person just like they were part of our family and the same as us. That’s what you and Daddy always tell us. Don’t all parents tell their kids the same thing?’ – out of the mouths of babes, in this case, our 6 year old daughter Avi.”

Michael Harris – Arzon
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