Safety app turns smartphone into security camera

With the need for Agent / REALTOR security at an all time high, I am pleased to see the industry responding so strongly. Besides the large and small brokerages alike implementing new safety protocols, we are seeing the tech companies delivering some truly amazing tools aimed at keeping us safe.

Agent.Watch is by far the most well rounded security app I have seen hit the App Store in the past 6 months. And even though it is targeting REALTORS, it is ideal for any professional that sets outside appointments and meeting. I can even see it coming in handy for the average consumer to use while contractors / subcontractors of any type are doing work in their home or office.

Safety app turns smartphone into security camera
INMAN | MARCH 2, 2015

The latest app aimed at protecting real estate agents in the field, “Agent.Watch,” turns your smartphone into a … Read more

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