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Why is Mike Doing This? (Episode 44)

Mike takes a minute to read a letter from one viewer and answers the question everyone is asking: “Why is Mike doing this?” Also, we’re still thinking about the tragedy in Japan, and… Continue reading

Tragedy Pushes Mortgage Rates Down (Episode 43)

Rates are in motion today! Mike’s “No Lender Fee” mortgage industry rates were down sharply today as the tragedy in Japan worsened and investors fled for safer ground in mortgage bonds. Our thoughts… Continue reading

Help! My Spouse Has Poor Credit (Episode 42)

With Japan in shambles and the Middle East still in a revolutionary mood, mortgage rates are conflicted and fluctuating. If you are a business owner (or are married to one) with bad credit,… Continue reading

Episode 41 – Time to Use Mike!

Mike shows off the new $60,000,000 “Most Luxurious Home in the US” listing that The Jills team at Coldwell Banker just listed in Miami. He also explains how rates have been volatile lately… Continue reading

Episode 40 – More to Your Mortgage Deal Than Just Rates

Today Mike reminds you love your mortgage and that there is more to negotiate than just your mortgage rates and fees. Here’s more… (Watch it on your mobile phone or email reader here)… Continue reading