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6 Levels of Social Media Investment

Recently, I wrote that it was time for leaders to get on board with social media. Some were confused. What did I mean? A few people thought I was advocating for huge social… Continue reading

Social Media is More Than Links, Klout, or Followers

In the social media frenzy of getting more friends, followers, Klout, etc. I think some have forgotten about people. I know I do sometimes. However, aren’t people the whole point of the social… Continue reading

Why Don’t You Know?

I always get a kick out of  comments like these in response to failure: “I didn’t know that people don’t use phone books anymore.” “I didn’t know that direct mail was a waste… Continue reading

Google, Facebook lose social network patent ruling

(Reuters) – Google Inc and Facebook Inc failed to win dismissal of a lawsuit by a New York company related to software designed to let people take part on social networks through their… Continue reading

New Survey Suggest Home Buyers Are Using Social Media During Buying Process

By Michael D. Harris Jr There has been plenty of talk recently regarding the use of the Internet during the home buying process.  We have known for a few years that consumers have found… Continue reading