listening to FEW radio

Free Enterprise Warriors as started broadcasting their new radio programming. I encourage anyone with an entreprenerial spirit to visit and get tuned in. Mobile post sent by ArdynnMedia using Utterli.  Replies. Advertisements

Cross Posting At It’s Best

Developing the links for Cross Posting from as it is by far the easiest and most effecient way for me to update data on various sites. Mobile post sent by ArdynnMedia using… Continue reading

TOP 400 RE Professionals In America Rankings Are Available

Courtesy of Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal, consumers can now access the annual report “TOP 400 Real Estate Professionals” from the Real Estate section of the House Of Ardynn. This consumer… Continue reading

Advertising Networks: Do they really work?

Last night Fox News ran a story comparing our current economic mess with the Great Depression and it was so frustrating that small business was not mentioned. As a small business owner, I… Continue reading

Do It Yourself Virtual Tours

The real estate and other industries are in for a nice surprise with the world’s first 360 degree digital camera. Called the GIROPTIC Panorama System, anyone can create a HD quality virtual tour… Continue reading