The Urban Media Day


Bringing a bit of Hollywood to your Social Profile is what Urban Media Day’s are all about.  When a potential customer or client actually sees the personality of a PROFESSIONAL, then the chances of them becoming the newest client is greatly increased.

In the world of digital marketing, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other visual sites, photos and videos play an important role in establishing credibility, likability, and professionalism.

We’re proposing a media day for your company, team or brokerage with a combination video and photo shoot taking place in a single day.  The cost varies, depending on location and travel needs, but a sample price for this amazing piece of marketing collateral would be approx. $225 per agent and would cover equipment, personnel, video and photo editing, music licenses, and all other expenses.

Each participant would have a 20 minute time slot to work with our team members.  Once finished, each professional would have the following media tools available to share, market, and use in graphic designs:

  • One (1) professional introduction video (45 to 75 seconds)
  • Three (3) professional photos
  • Facebook profile picture formatted to the new size
  • Facebook cover banner picture formatted to the correct size

On top of that, there will be other discounted opportunities to use our crew while we’re in the area:

  • Luxury listing videos
  • Neighborhood HOT Spots
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Company recruiting videos
  • Developmental marketing videos
  • Professional photos of staff, office, etc

Ardynn Media Group has officially teamed up with Aaron Biebert and his team at Attention Era Media to bring this amazing product to every REALTOR, Insurance Agent, Mortgage Broker, Association / Board or Sales Team across the United States.

Rarely have I seen a product or service that catches my attention like Attention Era’s NEW Media Profile Videos.  The way they are able to showcase a REALTORS true personality makes you sit up and take notice. – Michael Harris-Arzon

History of the Attention Era

In the late 1700’s, the Industrial Era was characterized by the extensive mechanization of production systems resulting in a shift from home-based hand manufacturing to large-scale factory production.

In the 1990’s, the Information Era (Information Age) is characterized by the ability of individuals to transfer information freely, and to have instant access to information that would have been difficult or impossible to find previously. The idea is linked to the concept of a digital revolution, and carries the ramifications of a shift from traditional industry that the industrial revolution brought through industrialization, to an economy based on the manipulation of information.

We believe this era is over.

Information is no longer the primary force that is driving changes in our society.  We have too much information.  We’re overloaded, bogged down by countless emails, phone calls, tweets, and every other way information is forcing itself into our lives.

With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, blogging and other social media platforms arising out of the Information Era, the few moments people have to spare are dominated by the most interesting, entertaining, remarkable things in their life.

They only see the things that earn their attention.

Life is on demand now, and people only demand things they want.

If you’re boring, you don’t exist anymore.


Understanding Attention Era is an old concept that is just now taking root.  Ardynn Media Group and Attention Era Media have partnered to bring the general professional a bit of Hollywood Style Production when it comes to image, their social influence and online presence.  While you may be familiar with Ardynn Media Group and our services, Attention Era Media deserves a closer look by every professional in the country.

We’re all overwhelmed by emails, updates, text messages, tweets, videos, pictures, and words coming our way.

Information is irrelevant.  People are limited by how much attention they have.

You’ll need a marketing toolbox for the new era.

Welcome to the Attention Era.

Who are we?

Attention Era Media is a creative group dedicated to helping remarkable companies, brands, and people earn attention in this new era.

Let’s talk.

Why Use Video?

Video is taking over the internet and if your brand doesn’t have plans to use video,  you’re missing out on something big.

Making a human connection.

If a picture says a thousand words, a video is like a thousand pictures.

  • Sights
  • Sounds
  • Personality

Humanity comes through in video.

Let us know how we can help you communicate better with your customers.

More Than Being Cute

Even though cute cats are awesome, modern marketing is about attracting, engaging, and earning people’s attention in a way that benefits your business. Views, clicks, likes, and retweets are meaningless if they aren’t related to your business.

Is your Facebook page dead? No comments? No likes?  Does your Twitter account only seem to attract daily deals , MLM’ers, spammers, and prostitutes?

We can help!

With our toolbox full of attention earning media tools, we can help you.

Reality TV, Starring Your Brand

One of the best ways to tell your story is through your very own online reality TV series.

We help plan, record, and edit the video series into something special that you can share with your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, or email subscribers.

Viral Video Production

Want a quick and easy way to get the word out about your brand, service, or people? A viral video on YouTube might be a fit.

Viral means people want to share it, that it spreads on its own. Not necessarily that it has millions of hits.

Most viral videos are funny, bizarre, emotional, informational, or “cute”.

Here are a couple examples of what we can do for you. Our video production team will write the content, shoot the footage, and produce the video you need to get the word spreading.

Got an idea? Let’s talk!  Contact Michael Harris-Arzon, @ArdynnPR (717)592-0106 or via email at

Press and Media Contact should contact @Biebert or @ArdynnPR on Twitter.