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Marketing to PROSTITUTES on Craigslist is Great Lesson for REALTORS

      Craigslist offers such an array of lessons it is hard to know what to point out first. Walter Arzon, SVP of Sales for Ardynn Media Group, does a daily spot… Continue reading

Aggression Does Not Mean Power, A Business Lesson Learned

Okay, I’ll be honest with you. I have no idea where I was going with this article. Headline sounds good when I read it out loud to myself, but past that I got… Continue reading

The Simplistic Professional Stomps All Over Real Estate Marketing

What defines you as a professional? What role does your peer group play in that definition? Does it translate to your current job description? Welcome to a new series of articles from the… Continue reading

The 73rd Day Of The Ardynn Project Sees Civil Liberties Being Attacked, LIES and Business Be Damned

Good morning all of you wonderful real estate professionals.  The 73rd day of the Ardynn Project has me excited and revved up like I haven’t been in quite some time.  Granted, some of it may be… Continue reading

The Ardynn Project Day 2

Today is an early start which is very common. With becoming a father to four in the past year, I have learned to work most effectively by taking short breaks to spend time… Continue reading