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The Ardynn Project Tells REALTORS: Get Off Their Asses!

Wow, what an amazing ride we have been on this past year. Professionaly and personally I have changed my outlook on the real estate industry and discovered a simplistic approach is what consumers… Continue reading

Mistakes That Google Made and More on the Ardynn Project

What a wonderful world we live in where business transparency actually provides a layer of protection for the average professional. The Ardynn Project started out as a way to teach REALTORS how to… Continue reading

Creating eBook Sample, the Blatz Manision and Placing the Roof on The Ardynn Project

Short. Sweet. Simple Design. Success.  These are my word for everything that gets done today for Ardynn Media Group.  I feel that I have been sharing enough of the inner working of our firm… Continue reading

Triumph, eBook Signings and The Ardynn Project

Honestly, I have lost track of what day this is for the Ardynn Project.  Somewhere in the 70’s I believe.  But since the point is to bring business transparency to an industry that… Continue reading

Passion, Simplicity and “Good News In Real Estate” Impact The Ardynn Project

Long have I wondered where the passion for our industry had gone.  Yes we have seen agents defy the economy and build businesses that grew to staggering heights.  We have also heard more… Continue reading