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Harmon Homes Launches HarmonHomes.com Marketing Center

CANTON, OH – November 8, 2011 – Harmon Homes today launched HarmonHomes.com Marketing Center <link to http://www.harmonhomes.com/marketing-center/overview&gt;, an online service for realtors who need to create professional, branded marketing material. Featuring richly-designed templates… Continue reading

You’ve Made An Offer, Now What?

When I think of instances that typically bring true joy to an individual there are a few that come to mind. The first is when your child is born. Even though you, your… Continue reading

Survey Shows Housing Appreciation Slow to Return

Destin, FL, April 11, 2011 –(PR.com)– Housing appreciation will take a number of years to materialize again after the downturn in most local U.S. housing markets, according to the findings of a new… Continue reading

Housing Predictor Announces New Index

Destin, FL, April 06, 2011 –(PR.com)– There’s some good news in the U.S. housing market, and starting this week Housing Predictor is introducing a new real estate index to keep closer track of… Continue reading

Research Conducted by Buzzplant Reveals Another Marketing Landmark for Facebook

Franklin, TN, January 21, 2011 — Research generated by Buzzplant of Franklin, TN, one of the nation’s premier communications specialists in the world of social media, sheds new light on the role of… Continue reading